Consumables Management

The replenishment of consumables is a time consuming, non-value added activity.  Not only are you paying for the consumables themselves, there is also an additional cost associated with the the individuals involved in processing the transaction (think vendor sourcing, invoicing, authorization routines, cheque cutting etc.) Our Consumable Management program is designed to eliminate any guesswork, and lend a helping hand at prices you’ll find hard to match.  We are confident that our relationship with suppliers gives us the best rates for all bathroom and kitchen consumables including toilet paper, hand towels, hand soap, sanitizers, garbage liners, dish soap, air purifiers, disposable plates and flatware … all on ONE invoice along with your cleaning bill.

Now, imagine the relief when you reach out for the toilet paper and actually find it there!


Site Management

Impressions count – from the inside, and out.

How your office building looks from the outside, has a direct impact on your business on the inside. The exterior of your building speaks volumes about your company’s attitude, reputation and pride.

Our in-office cleaning services go one step further and above the rest, with our professional and meticulous external site management services. Our team will gladly maintain and look after your external office property, with the maximum amount of care.

Some of our site management service offerings include: external window washing, floor stripping, waxing and buffing, parking lot pressure washing, litter picking and garbage clearing, and much more.

Our trustworthy, reliable staff will take your cleaning worries away. Using The Office Boys on the interior and exterior of your office will eliminate the complexity of having multiple suppliers come to your office for maintenance and scheduled cleanings.

Flora and Fauna Installation and Maintenance

It is a known fact that indoor plants promote oxygen circulation and clean air resulting in a healthier environment for your employees and visitors. Aquariums promote serenity, peace and tranquillity. According to ancient Feng Shui principles placing an aquarium in your office is a powerful way to draw auspicious chi of prosperity and good luck into your space. Not to mention they also accent your beautiful office!

On top of this, by adding beautiful greenery and potted plants in an already clean office, your workers will be basking in a serene office environment.  According to a study in Australia, plants inside the office have a long list of benefits for employees.

Here are three powerful benefits of fiora and flauna in an office environment:

Increase in productivity

By sprucing your office with greenery or aquatic fish, workplace satisfaction can directly be impacted – and in a positive way, too. A normally sparse office space can easily be transformed into an inspiring place to work, thanks to a few small touches from Mother Nature.

Decrease in negative emotions that impact day-to-day tasks
A fish tank or plants being present in an office environment have been shown to reduce fatigue, stress, and anxiety.  In return, this will lead to a better company culture and a better outlook for your employees. Can’t argue there, can you?

Air quality improvement
Plants can greatly reduce dust, bacteria and mould in an office environment – which would otherwise be inhaled from your staff members. As a result of having plants inside your office, your employees can breathe easier.

Let The Office Boys take care of your all your flora and fauna needs by guaranteeing the lives of both plants and aquatic animals. For a fixed monthly fee, we will design, install and maintain all flora and fauna within your space and guarantee their freshness and upkeep for the life of the contract.

Every single one of our services is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For whatever reason, if you are disappointed with any aspect of our job – we will come back and make it right. It’s that simple.

Contact us today – we’d love to chat further about completing your next office cleaning and discussing what you’re looking for.


  • We have the highest attention to detail possible – meaning no surface will ever go untouched.
  • We will put together and follow a strict and rigorous cleaning regime. Each job we complete will be identical to the last – and it will be perfect.
  • Our quotes and office evaluations are free and you are under no obligation!
  • We don’t cut corners. Period. Have you had rushed cleaning jobs in the past? With The Office Boys, that will never happen again. We are there until the job is done – and it will be done right the first time.
  • We’re flexible – and we can work around your schedule. Do you need an emergency cleaning visit? Evenings only? We’re here to accommodate – and we’re happy to do it!