Health Care cleaning

The Office Boys Program is ideal for doctor’s offices, plastic surgeons, veterinarian clinics, physical therapy facilities, counselling centers, weight loss clinics, sleep centers, chiropractic and massage therapists, medical or physician’s office buildings. In addition to proper cleaning of reception, waiting room, patient rooms, offices, laboratory’s, and restrooms, our speciality is the disinfection of operating theatres and recovery rooms.

In today’s ever changing world of stringent regulation and your need of delivering world class patient services, reputation hinges on patient care, patient safety and patient satisfaction more than ever before.

A professionally cleaned medical facility has a direct impact on your reputation and patient impressions. When patients enter your healthcare facility, sit in the waiting room and use the restroom, they quickly judge cleanliness with their eyes and nose. A clean environment can help patients feel more comfortable when receiving medical care.

Our Program works in partnership with you to provide medical cleaning services that not only control but also eliminate the germs that can lead to infections.  It is our mission to deliver a microbiology safer environment that looks and smells cleaner.

  • Our Program is built on AORN and CDC recommendations.
  • Our Products are hospital grade and industry specific.
  • Our People are continuously educated to keep up with industry standards.

Infection Control and Prevention:

Professional cleaning and surface disinfection are an important part of The Office Boys infection control and prevention plan. Our Program currently uses CaviCide­™ which is a 1-step hospital-grade cleaning/disinfectant for all high traffic areas.  With our cleaning protocol, we ensure all surfaces in patient rooms and common areas below 60” are wiped with a CaviCide1™ infused damp cloth or CaviCide1™ wet wipe.  Our procedure for operating theatres and procedure rooms are detailed and meticulous and include the wearing of medical attire during the cleaning process.  You can rest assured that our work will help reduce disease transmission and cross-contamination.


Hospital-grade tools, chemicals and procedures – We set the standard for cleanliness.

Your facility uses state-of-the-art equipment, so do The Office Boys. Our Program uses the most advanced disinfectant chemistry and equipment on the market to help clean, control and prevent infection.  In addition to CaviCide1™, we use:

  • RMLs Enviro Chemical  Neutral Disinfectant for cleaning your floors.
  • Colour coded microfibre cloths that are washed separately to maintain fabric integrity and prevent cross-contamination.
  • Microfibre mop heads that are washed daily, so that germs cannot multiply.
  • Sanitary Industrial grade vacuum cleaners that prevent dust dissemination.
  • A detailed check-list of your facility, to ensure we remain consistent and complete.
Equipment in a doctors office


high tech animal care hospital


operating room with X-ray medical scan.


Bar track walk physiotherapy unit for rehabilitation


Empty Patient Room In Modern Hospital


Massage room interior