“We’ve worked hard to be successful in our business – we don’t want all that hard work to be undone when a client visits our office!”   This was the reasoning behind our First Request for Quote whilst still operating as “Oakville Butler” – our residential cleaning service arm.  The successful winning of that client was the genesis of Office Boys.  Imagine the detailed level of clean your home requires – Office Boys’ objective is to bring that same level of clean to your Commercial space or office.   Through our subsequent experience, we can also confirm that every business owner (most anyway!) understands that employees are the foundation of success.

A happy, motivated employee adds more value, is more productive and is willing to put in the extra 10%, which can be detrimental to success or failure.  It has been psychologically proven that a clean, fresh working environment is a stimulant for not only employee productivity, but also appreciation and retention.

It is our mission to help business owners succeed by giving your office space the time and care it deserves to ensure you, your employees, stakeholders and customers are proud of what your business represents.



You’ve heard it before – “Our staff are the best in the business”; “We have the highest attention to detail as possible”, “We are reliable and trustworthy”,  the list could go on and on – but how many of our competitors are willing to back those words up with guarantees?


if you’re unsatisfied with our service, the next one is on us – free!”  Whilst a caring company will stick to their commitments, most will be a temporary fix, only to resume below par service when nobody is looking.

Interior of a modern office


The Office Boys proudly offers a wide range of office cleaning services within Oakville and the surrounding area. Each cleaning job is done with the highest level of efficiency, care and professionalism.